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Musical Chairs at Canacona and Cuncolim For Stablity

The Alemao brothers apparently are finding it quite difficult to keep their protégés in reign and have to resort to musical chairs to share the post of the chairperson and deputy chairpersons at municipal councils where they hold sway.
After Sanguem now it is the turn of Cuncolim and Canacona where Churchill Alemao and Joaquim Alemao announced the chairperson and deputy chairperson for the two councils. However, the term is shared between different persons and in Canacona the term is counted in months and not years.

At Cuncolim the present Chairperson Devendra Dessai will be re-installed but only for one and a half year after which Landry Mascarenhas who will be the vice-chairperson will take over as chairperson.
After Landry’s term is over when the council completes three years, Laxman Naik will be installed as the chairperson for one year while for the last year of the council’s term Anthony Vaz will take over as chairperson.
During Landry’s tenure as chairperson, Premdeep Dessai will be the vice-chairperson for one year. The vice-chairperson for the remaining two-and-half years term is or are, yet to be decided probably because there are five councillors who have to be accommodated in that short a period.
Further South at Canacona the situation is still worse as Ratnakar Dhuri will be inducted as chairperson but only for six months after which he will hand over the reigns to Ramakant Naikgaunkar who will be in that position for 14 months. While Mario alias Simon Rebello will take over as the chairperson for 20 months after him, the last 20 months will see Hemant Gracias as the chairperson of Canacona Municipal Council.
While there will be four chairpersons at Canacona, only three persons will occupy the vice-chairperson’s position. At the beginning it will be Sandesh Gaonkar for 18 months who will be replaced by Rajashri Diwakar Pagui and after she completes 24 months in office, Champa Ashok Pagui will be the next vice-chairperson.
While this arrangement ensures that seven councillors get to share the spoils of the office, three will have to be satisfied being mere councillors in Canacona.

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