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Muslim in India is not a Pakistani

Recently AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi made a demand in Parliament to frame a law to punish anyone who calls an Indian Muslim a Pakistani. I agree with the principle of his demand. No Indian Muslim should be called a Pakistani.

There is an atmosphere being created in the country through well a planned strategy to disturb the religious unity between different religious communities that India enjoys. Let be honest about it all the so-called zealots of all religious communities whether by commission or omission are indulging in this communal divide.

India is about Indians. India embraces all religions without prejudices. That has been the social fabric of our Nation for many years.

Just because an Indian is a Muslim or Christian does not make the person a Pakistani or Portuguese. A Muslim or a Christian is very much an Indian if the person holds this nation, its people and its Constitution dear.

As a Christian I personally have witnessed a lot of questions on social media about my commitment to India and my love for Bharat Mata. Some have even gone to extent of asking me to change my European name if I believed in the teachings of Vedas and Hinduism. This amuses me and also gets me thinking about the deviant nature of some thoughts.

If you look at the contributions of Muslims and Christians as Indians to our nation you will notice that much like the Hindus they too have in different fields worked and sacrificed towards making India better. Their religious beliefs should not and must be the yardstick to judge their commitment to India.

In fact some Muslims and Christians are more Indians than some Hindus.

The truth of our Indianness is that we are all a children of our Vedic ancestry. Our present religious fundamentals is an affect of choices not by made us. It is at best – a hand of fate.

It is true that Bharat was subjected to the evils of invasion – conversion of religious beliefs to that of the invader – being one of the most brutal evil acts. We cannot deny it and we must not deny it; that does not however change the genetic roots of a Indian. If only Hindus, Muslims and Christians saw this through the eyes of humanity and all accepted their Vedic roots.

If a Muslim today has the audacity to shout out ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in India to exhibit bravado and sense of pride in being Pakistani and not an Indian, then the person must be sent to Pakistan. That person does not deserve India. And if Owaisi can demand a law to punish anyone calling an Indian Muslim a Pakistani, then he must have the courage of conviction to add to that demand that anyone who raises slogans ‘Pakistani Zindabad, India Murdabad’ in the country must also be punished. Don’t expect us Indians to be sitting ducks to accept a tirade against our nation under the guise that the person is an Indian Muslim.

Some Christians in India are sounding the bugle of attacks on their religious community to foreign Nations and institution like the Vatican, as though foreign religious institution has the rights to meddle in the functioning of a sovereign nation.This is India and we have to learn to solve our differences together, no Pope or Cardinal sitting in Vatican or the evangelical hub of USA has the moral right to teach us how to run our nation because of their religious beliefs.

Many forget that this Nation is not only about a religious community but the sentiments of an entire nation.

Stray incidents against religious communities (it is happening across all religious communities) does not merit the defaming of India but it does expose that the simmering divisional thoughts being spread is working up a religious divide and communal based biases.

Respect a fellow Indian and see beyond the tainted glasses of religious bias.

Jai Hind
Bharat Mata Ki Jai


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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