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Muthalik back in Goa to drum up support for Sri Ram Sena

Despite a lot of ire from every walk in Goa, the Sri Ram Sena has not changed its mindset. A year later, Sena chief Pramod Mutalik has said that he has deferred to set up a unit in Goa but not given up.

During the first Hindu convention in 2012, he had expressed his wish to set up a unit in Goa. Expressing a concern over alleged westernization of the Indian culture in Goa he had announced that the unit would deal with clubs and parties when set up.

His plan had, however invited ire from all walks of life in Goa. Several youth had even formed groups to oppose the entry of the Sena.

Muthalik has reiterated that he would not water down his stance on dealing with the westernization of Indian culture in Goa and said the local unit, when set up, would deal with clubs and parties severely.

“We are in touch with youth willing to join and initiate the work of the organization in Goa,” Muthalik said.

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