‘Muthalik being made a political scapegoat’

GoaChronicle.com spoke to Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) over its stand on the recent Ram Sene controversy in Goa…

GC: Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has decided to ban Pramod Muthalik and his members from Goa for the next two months under Second 144. Certain Anti-Muthalik groups are pushing for further extension of the ban. What are your views?

RS: Firstly, let me clarify one thing at the onset. Ram Sene is not a part of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. We do support each other on our common mission of preserving our ‘Hindu Culture’ and ‘Hindu Rashtra’. We extended support to Ram Sene and will continue to extend support to Pramod Muthalik because we are off the opinion that in Goa it is not so much what Muthalik or Ram Sene have done in the past that is the actual issue but a political fear psychosis is being deliberately created by politicians with some media channels to score vote-bank points and disillusion the people on Muthalik, Ram Sene and Hindu Rashtra movement. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s decision is a political appeasement act and we are not surprised by it as we are aware that Muthalik is being made a political scapegoat. We are only disappointed that both Parrikar and Muthalik have their genesis and roots from the same organisation- RSS – so it is difficult for us to accept that Parrikar would consider Muthalik and Ram Sene to be a threat. Will Parrikar ban Pravin Togadia of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) succumbing to the pressure of the pseudo-secularist in Goa next? I doubt it. Parrikar also has deprived Muthalik of his fundamental right and done an unconstitutional act like the Congress in the Shahbanu case and now the BJP is treading the path of the Congress.

GC: You do not see Ram Sene and Pramod Muthalik as a threat to the social fabric of Goa?

RS: Since when did protecting our Hindu culture and educating our people of the evils of rapid Westernisation and inculcating a need in them to return to their original roots of knowledge and spirituality become a threat to the social fabric of Goa? There was a major media uproar over the ‘Ban on Bikini’ statement by a Goa Minister, let me ask each and every Indian in all honesty, how many of you’ll walk the beaches of Goa with your wife, daughters or girlfriends in a two-piece bikini? I am certain almost 90 per cent of Indians will not behave in that manner, simply because our Hindu culture inculcates in us a consciousness of our surroundings and the people. So where was the issue really? Are we to disassociate from our culture and pander to the disillusioned practices of the foreign tourists who come to Goa?

Have you seen the extent of degeneration and rapid progress into the world of vices in the youth of Goa and across our Country? If an American Adult Movie Star like Sunny Leone can become an overnight success in India and become the most searched person in India, do you not see that the role models for our youth are themselves pillars of vices?

Muthalik has already apologized for the actions of his workers over the incident which happened 8-years ago at a pub and the issue needed to have ended there but for vested interest Ram Sene continues to be made the target; but are you aware that the State Women’s Commission report also indicated that the pub attacked by Ram Sene workers were into illegal activities like drugs and prostitution?

GC: A Goan Tiatrist is showing a play ‘Akantvadi Goent Naka’ across various theatres in Goa and your organisation along with Ram Sene raised objection to it and even went to court. Why the objection to a drama which is fictional and aimed at entertaining the people?

RS: We have no objection to any Tiatrist, Film Maker or Artist showcasing and excelling in their respective talents. We had taken an objection to the ‘Akantvadi Goeant Naka’ firstly because the Tiatrist had deliberately put posters across Goa and on social media promoting the Tiatr as a drama on Muthalik. It appears that the Tiatrist’s intent was to portray ‘Muthalik’ as a terrorist. Muthalik is not a terrorist, but someone working for the interest of our nation. This deliberate negative focus had been done by the Tiatrist to not unite the people of Goa against communal divisive forces but to sow a seed of communal disharmony between the Hindus, Christians and Muslims by falsely showcasing what could happen to Goa, thereby instilling fear and not hope. Secondly, when the Tiatr was released and some of our members watched the drama, we were convinced that this drama is nothing more than an attempt to defame Ram Sene and Pramod Muthalik and glorify a particular South Goa MLA. But most of all the content shows that the Hindus are more susceptible to fundamental leanings and will be the first cause communal unrest. Will the Tiatrist who comes from a Muslim background address the issue of Popular Front of India (PFI) – an organisation that is considered radical by most state governments and has been spreading its wings in Goa? I doubt it.

GC: Will HJS take legal action against the Tiatrist?

RS: Police complaints have been filed against the Tiatrist by concerned citizens who felt that the Tiatr was defaming the Hindus. Now it is upto the law-keepers to address the grievance of the concerned citizens. If at all the concerned citizens need our legal team’s assistance to take the issue to court, we would consider the options to assist. In the end we will see that justice is sought on the issue of the ‘Tiatr’ as the contents are insulting and defamatory in nature.

GC: You earlier mentioned about the Popular Front of India (PFI), could you elaborate on your concerns on the issue of PFI?

RS: I have only two questions to ask to two main protagonists in the current Ram Sene controversies and the related media hype. One to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, ” Do you have the courage to ban PFI who had put up inflammatory posters on the eve of 6th December and against whom police complaints were lodged for creating communal disharmony but offence only under PDPP was lodged in Margao?  ” And to the Tiatrist, “Do you have the courage to showcase a Tiatr on PFI and its lurking dangers in Goa?  “.

Even as recently as August 15 this year, PFI in Kerala did not allow a school to sing Vande Manteram. Ram Sene has been brushed by a ‘saffron brush’ by those claiming to be secular in nature for one-incident and all the good work done by Ram Sene in India has been brushed under the carpet. But an organisation like PFI with serious criminal antecedents continues to have a free-hand in Goa.

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