My boyfriend of three years broke up with me. He was my first love…

My boyfriend of three years broke up with me. He was my first love, I am 21 and can’t think of any other man. I feel like its the end of the road for me. Please help. I am depressed. 


It is a great thing that you have experienced love at this young age. Keep that thought and that feeling. People move on and so should you. You are young and being in love is a big part of youth and growing up. It is a wonderful feeling and that feeling needs to be cherished. Your friend may not have found what he is looking for in you at the moment.  This does not mean that you did not share a bond. This bond can be maintained and developed into a lifelong relationship of friendship and sharing. Some   of the earliest relationships make   for the best friendships of life. Eventually there will be other men and you shall definitely meet someone you can share deep emotional connection with. Give your self-time to heal.

The depression is a natural state of emotion in such cases and passes off with time.  You need to find an activity different from what you did when you were in that relationship.  You will have to make a conscious effort to make new friend circle and develop a different time schedule.  End of a relationship is the beginning of another phase in life. Look for opportunities   for a new break. Take up a course, join some short duration activity, volunteer at a social service centre, help out at a religious place, take up meditation. Do what you enjoy doing and are comfortable with. You need to stop phoning and following your ex-boyfriend in person or on social media. In case the depression does not do after about three weeks of the break up, I would suggest you meet with a mental health professional for consult and advice. If you at any time entertain suicidal thought or ideas, please immediately visit a Psychiatrist as you may need medical attention for your depression.  


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