My daughter is eighteen and I just found out she is pregnant!

My daughter is eighteen and I just found out she is pregnant! We are a conservative Hindu family and I don’t know how to break this news to my husband and how to deal with it. Upon coaxing, she confessed to have slipped with a college mate who was out to get “adventurous”. Such a thing in our family will be sheer paranoia. And I am afraid for my daughter. Please help.

 First and foremost you need to understand what your daughter wants to do with her pregnancy. Where do you live? That counts a great deal.   Your husband needs to know, though if he is too conservative and you fear a negative reaction, your daughter’s privacy needs to be of prime importance here. You can consider medical termination of pregnancy if that suits your conscience or depending on the duration of pregnancy at present, you may have to consider either going to term and adoption or keeping the chid as per your daughter’s wishes. She is a major and has a right to make her own life decisions. There shall be   organisations in your locality who may help you with if your daughter wishes to carry the pregnancy to term and help out with adoption formalities.     Please   visits an OBG in your area for   medical termination if you and your daughter so wishes.  You need not consult your husband but will have to go to a medical facility for safety and protection of your daughter.

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