My husband has kids from a previous relationship…

My husband has kids from a previous relationship and they live with us on visits couple of days a week. The problem is, I think they’re really spoilt and rude. How do I live with them, without hurting my husband?


Thank you for the question, I would have liked to know how long you have been married and how old the children from the previous relationship are. Children do tend to react to their parents other spouse, as they feel that they their mother has been replaced.  I feel that you need to take them in confidence and talk to them about how they feel and what their expectations of their father are, with you in his life now. You may encourage your husband to spend quality time with his children, alone, without you, so that they get the attention that they may crave for. Plan out activity for them, a dinner, movie and outing or something they may have enjoyed with him earlier.  You also need to put in an effort to understand the needs and habits so that there is a smooth transition from their mother’s home to yours. Your husband can help you and talk to them and give them a ‘welcome here’ kind of feeling. I do hope both of you have a cordial relationship with their mother and are on good talking terms as that will surely go a long way to make the children comfortable and therefore less rude and misbehaved.


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