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My visit to Goa was personal: British MP Keith Vaz


Currently caught in the midst of a spiraling controversy on account of his attendance to and addressing an election rally of Congress candidate Valanka Alemao in Varca, Goa; the Election Commission of India is currently investigating into the matter to assess if the act amounts to any violation of code of conduct; British Member of Parliament Keith Vaz in an email questionnaire answered questions posed by, editor-in-chief, Savio Rodrigues, exclusively…

GoaChronicle: I have been given to understand that your visit to India was a personal visit and not in your official capacity. Is my understanding correct on that fact?

Keith Vaz: My visit to Goa was personal

GC: A complaint has been put forward to the Election Commission of India on the issue that a British Member of Parliament addressed an election rally, thereby stepping beyond his diplomatic protocol. Do you choose to comment on this?

KV: No

GC: Was your addressing of the election rally for Congress candidate Valanka Alemao on account of your personal relationship with the Alemao family?

: I have known Valanka for many years, since she was a teenager and I was glad she had chosen to stand. I personally know many of the candidates from across the political parties and have done so for many years. I wish them all well in the forthcoming elections. I am sorry I was unable to meet and see all of them personally.


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