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Mysterious death of Rupa Tirkey

It was on May 3 when sub-inspector and officer-in-charge of the women police station in Sahibganj district, Jharkhand- Rupa Tirkey, was found hanging in her official quarter. The police in their very first statement declared the case to be of ‘suicide’. However, the family and friends demanded a CBI probe as they didn’t have confidence over the police investigation. The state of Jharkhand since then is seeing many protests of people who stand in support of the family.

When the matter attracted both public and political uproar, the police filed a charge-sheet against the father of the deceased. Also, a fellow sub-inspector Shiv Kumar Kanojiya has been arrested under the charge of ‘provocation’ to suicide. However, all this didn’t silence the rising speculations of probable murder thereby making the state government order a judicial probe. It set up a one member investigative body under the retired Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court- Vinod Kumar Gupta.

What makes the demand of a CBI probe by the family just are the questions to which police hasn’t been able to answer yet, them being:

  1.  How the hanged body was found on its knees?
  2. How can the bed-sheet of the bed she stood on to hang herself be found in such a well arranged manner?
  3. Why was she found in minimal clothing with only a towel to cover the lower part of the body?
  4. Who circulated the alleged audio on the basis of which the police filed the charge-sheet against the father of the deceased and Shiv Kumar?
  5. She was foaming at the mouth after death which puts the case in doubt too.

As these doubts were raised at the very beginning and till date nothing has been cleared, people feel the judicial inquiry to be eye-wash. Also, the family has been knocking the doors of every administrative body since the incident, with no justice served yet.

This scenario of the state administration claiming an unnatural death to be suicide in their prima facie statement has become quite common. Further, when the pressure builds, either a family member, or a close one becomes the immediate target of the agencies. This was seen during the death of Arushi Talwar, Sushant Singh Rajput and now Rupa Tirkey.

The National Crime Record Bureau report shows that most of the states in India have around 40-50% of the cases under the IPC pending. Nevertheless, when some of these cases get attached to public emotions, police hastily frame convictions just for the sake of providing a closure. Also, around 23% of these cases are disposed-off by the police due to lack of evidence.

Pic Credit- factly.in

For cases like that of Rupa Tirkey, the Indian police system needs an overhaul. India’s police to population ratio is around 138 which is one of the lowest in the world. Also, this under-staffed department is burdened with political influence, corruption, lack of training, etc.

The Indian police system being the back-bone of the law and order of a country as complex and populated as India needs proper attention from the law-makers. An important purpose of justice is to serve closure to the family and friends who lost their loved one. Also, it helps to pickup the faltering belief of people on the state administration and governance. Police being the first refuge people turn towards for an FIR needs to take-up an investigation with the same intent. The case of Rupa Tirkey hasn’t given her family any relief. Neither the people of the state are able to trust the probe. Thus, in such a scenario, why the state government is not transferring the case to the CBI definitely demands an answer. Justice delayed is justice denied and here it has already been two months since Jharkhand lost its ambitious daughter- Rupa Tirkey.

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