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Myths of Priyanka stand eroded: Jaitley

New Delhi, Apr 25 (GCCurrentAffairs) Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday expressed his disappointment that the Congress did not field Priyanka Gandhi Vadra from Varanasi and said the myths of Ms Vadra stand eroded.

”I am deeply disappointed with the Congress Party’s decision of not fielding Priyanka Gandhi from Varanasi. The last two months that she has been in the public life has driven home the point – ‘India has changed, dynasties don’t matter’. The myths of Priyanka Gandhi stand eroded, ” Mr Jaitley said in his blog Refuge in Wayanad and a Refuge Away From Varanasi – The Story of a Family Dynasty.

He said the build-up of the last two weeks had been that Priyanka Gandhi would be fielded against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

”She rejoiced in giving daily bytes to the media that she was ready to take on the Prime Minister. Her brother claimed that the Party was building up the suspense for an eventual thriller. Obviously, she quietly chickened out of the contest,” he said.

Today, the myth has lost its value, Mr Jaitley said, adding that the cards are out in the open for public scrutiny.
”The Gandhis must introspect the plight of Amethi and RaeBareli in the last forty years and compare it to what the Prime Minister has done in Varanasi in the past five years,” he wrote.

About the roadshow of the Prime Minister in Varanasi, Mr Jaitley said if the size of the support expressed at the roadshow is any indication, the Prime Minister is well on the way repeating or even increasing the 2014 victory margin.

Even a casual visitor to Varanasi would tell you the difference which the Prime Minister has made in his constituency in the last five years, he said.

” It is only juvenile politics, where a family lives under an illusion that people will accept it irrespective of credentials, which persuades you to build a climax of Priyanka taking on the Prime Minister and then suffer the wrath of the anti-climax,” he said.

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