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Nadda attacks Rahul over Pakistan

New Delhi: BJP President, JP Nadda on Thursday attacked Rahul Gandhi taking a jibe at him over the recent video that showcased wherein a Pakistan leader is talking about Wing Commander Abhinandan post Balakot air -strike.

Taking the ‘shehzada’ jibe at Rahul, Nadda said, ”Congress’ prince does not believe in neither country’s government, Army or even the people, therefore, now he can listen to the favourite ‘Pakistan’ and might believe and now this might open his eyes.

He further wrote in a tweet that “Congress remains busy in weakening its own country’s forces as sometimes it mocks them and sometimes makes fun of its valour.”

“Congress Party premised its entire campaign around keeping our armed forces weak. They mocked our armed forces, questioned their valour and tried every trick to ensure India doesn’t get latest Rafale Planes. The people India rejected such politics and punished Congress”, Nadda tweeted.

”Congress’ princeling does not believe anything Indian, be it our Army, our Government, our Citizens. So, here is something from his ‘Most Trusted Nation’, Pakistan. Hopefully now he sees some light…”, another tweet said.

He further accused the Congress of playing tricks so the forces do not get the Rafale ,but, the countrymen refuting to such politics has taught Congress a big lesson, Nada added.

Nadda shared a video clip wherein a statement from Pakistan has come to light, and the same is a topic of discussion these days.
As per the statement in Pakistan parliament shown in the video, Pakistan released Abhinandan fearing attack by India.

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