Nadia Dies, Micky Cries and Police Tries!

Goa entertained itself for a whole month and a half on the Nadia-Micky-Police soap opera. It undoubtedly had all the ingredients of a Bollywood potboiler – death, police chase and legal drama. The public was drawn to the case like a fish drawn to hook at the end of a fish rod line. There were Micky supporters playing the loyal brigade, while the cops playing dutiful holders of the law. Opinions on character, morality and degeneration of Goa were rampant and expressive. But what while all these shenanigans went on the true essence of the case seemed to get more diluted as the facts to case continue to remain hidden and stored amongst the main protagonist in this plot; one of whom is dead.

There was a close relationship between Micky and Nadia and that was a fact openly known to most. Whether it was it morally correct on each others’ path to tread into such a tumultuous relationship especially since Micky was a public figure – on a personal note such relationships are a dime a dozen, some spoken in hush-hush manner, some openly voiced; however we cannot judge or condemn anyone on moral grounds if we as a society do not set a moral code of conduct. On political grounds as brought on by the Opposition party leader who very vociferously demanded the minister’s resignation and then openly admitted to government spending too much time on the case than on the police-drug nexus; that too is a matter of political code of conduct that we as people who elect our representatives need to set.

That there were political axes to grind is also not a hidden matter. Micky in the months before was making effective in-roads under the NCP banner into newer territories in Nuvem leaving his secured abode of Benaulim in a confident surety that all is well on that waterfront. Also under the G7 banner, Micky’s role in the entire scheme of things was crucial; and with the G7 agenda being to topple the current Congress government, the political rivalry was indeed intensifying. However the opportunity to settle scores had not yet presented itself. On May 15 the opportunity presented itself.

On May 15, Nadia was rushed to the hospital; within an hour of the admittance to the hospital news had already spread like wild-fire that, ‘One of Micky’s girlfriend committed suicide’. People, politicians, police and media were all aware; however the police entered the scene on May 17th to register a case of attempt to suicide on the insistence of a social activist wing. It was clearly evident to the doctors treating Nadia that the chance of survival was minimal as her liver was damaged. Whether or not the decision to shift her to another hospital and Micky signing the ‘Self Discharge’ was an indication to a cover up is anybody’s guess. However, what did happen after that was that Nadia was shifted to Jupiter Hospital, Thane for a liver transplant, which did not materialise. Post that the now dying Nadia was shifted to Apollo Chennai for another attempt for liver transplant that though was late. And on May 29, Nadia passed away.
Days that followed were a media circus – locally and nationally, but, naturally, since it makes great reading for everyone as it hogs front page news. If this was a non-political case it might have not received such prominence. Of course media was torn by sides, in such situation it is difficult to know whether to bell the cat or tail the rat. Some however did try to walk the balanced path of factual reporting devoid of any malicious intent.

Micky’s absconding after the nine-hour police inquiry sent the entire case into a further tizzy, as the local police couldn’t find his whereabouts and that of his trusted aide Lyndon Monteiro for over a month. People thought that it was the police’s inaptitude; some though felt that the government was allowing him to stay hidden so that their case on him becomes stronger on account of his missing in action. Micky on the other hand post his release would like us to believe that he was exercising his legal options in order to not come into these political games which he felt was centered around him. Looking at it in hindsight he would be partly correct that while some politicians would play their political games; the police were waiting to extract their pound of flesh as it is common knowledge that the minister was brash, rude and in some cases resorted to verbal and in rare cases physical abuses on some police personnel. However after exercising all his legal options on the run, he finally surrendered and was taken to judicial custody then police custody, then again judicial custody and then released. Of course his coming back to a more known and trusted legal experts and once political party colleagues certainly ensured his bail application’s acceptance.

Now that Micky is out, the drama, allegations, political vendettas and alliances will continue and take newer and different shapes. People, though, will continue to take sides or in some cases be indifferent to the incident as they expected such an outcome.

However the truth will continue to be hidden. As said in the recent Bollywood movie on a political saga Raajneeti, “You don’t bury the dead. You keep them alive, so when its time, you get them to talk.”
If one takes a closer look at the facts of the episode, you will notice that this case is not a case of suicide. Whether it’s an abetment to suicide that is a matter that would be extremely difficult to prove, which I suppose is what the police are finding difficult to establish.  Then couldn’t there be a possibility that it was none of the above but an attempt to suicide wherein the true intention took an unexpected turn.  And if it was, then why the destruction of evidence and why the run; is there more than what meets the eye which might not have anything to do with the actual reason for the death and the cover-up might be for something more incriminating than Nadia’s death itself.
Until then as in all soap opera, there is always another season with fresh new episodes on the same saga – Nadia dies, Micky Cries, Police Tries…

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