Naidu calls for a state-wise bandh in AP after No Confidence motion fails

Amaravati, Jul 21 (UNI) Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has vented his anger on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his response on the fulfillment of AP Re-organisation Act 2014 provisions while addressing in the Lok Sabha during No-Confidence Motion last night and asked the people to register protest across the state on Saturday.

The Chief Minister, who watched the No Confidence Motion debate from beginning till end on Friday, addressed a press conference at midnight last night. He said that the TDP had moved the No- Confidence motion as a last attempt to achieve the Re-organisatioan Act assurances. Instead of understanding the agony of the people of the state Modi spoke in an ‘adamant’ and ‘irresponsible’ manner, he remarked.

“I felt pain at the remarks of Prime Minister. We moved No-confidence only to get the assurances fulfilled. But Mr Modi said that I had taken “U” turn (referring to the acceptance of Special Package provided by the Centre). He also said that that he had called me over phone and asked me not to fall in the trap of YSRCP. It is ‘improper’ and ‘unfortunate’ that the Prime Minister is talking politics, when AP is urging for the fulfillment of assurances” he added.

“We are struggling not for political mileage but to protect the interests of the state. The Prime Minister without explaining why the Centre had failed to fulfill the assurances is talking politics. Why Mr Modi did not give clear assurances in the Lok Sabha to do justice to AP” Mr.Naidu questioned.

The Chief Minister said that the Opposition Congress party has made it clear that it had no objection if Special Category Status (SCS) is granted to AP, he pointed out and asked the Centre why it was hesitating to grant SCS to the state.

Mr Naidu took exception to Narendra Modi’s remarks that he tried to resolve differences between him and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

The Chief Minister slammed the Prime Minister for stating that the TDP had moved the no-trust motion in an arrogance manner but in fact he himself is an arrogant, and criticised that the person, who is in the Prime Minister post, should not talk like that.

He claimed that for the first time, National and Regional parties had extended support to the no- confidence motion, moved by a regional party.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi telephoned me before accepting the resignation of TDP ministers. I appealed him to do justice to AP at least now as the TDP was still part of NDA at that time. But he told me that if the TDP exits from the Cabinet that would benefit the YSRCP politically” Mr.Naidu explained.

The Chief Minister said that he would go to New Delhi on July 21 to address National media to expose the injustice meted out by the Centre to AP.

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