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Narvekar Accuses Shirodkar of Hidden Agenda

Former Minister Dayanand Narvekar has hit out at Subash Shirodkar who is not only the chairman of the Info Tech Corporation of Goa (ITCG) but also the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President and alleged that the latter has a hidden agenda with regards to the IT Habitat at Dona Paula.
Pointing out that the ITCG had failed to provide the necessary infrastructure he said the act of issuing notices to the companies implies of a hidden agenda to allot the land to some other companies.

Dismissing Subash Shirodkar’s claim that the government never kept the project on hold, Narvekar out that Chief Minister Digambar Kamat had even stated on the floor of the house that the government had kept the project on hold due to the agitation by the residents of Taleigo.
He also asked why the ITCG had not completed the required infrastructure at the site if the government had not kept the project on hold even though a sum of Rs 89.61 crore was collected from the promoters to provide the infrastructure.
He recalled that the government had collected this amount following his suggestion to use the same for constructing a sewage treatment plant, good roads, underground cables for electricity and illumination of the entire area enclosed in a good compound wall.
Dayanand Narvekar further said since the amount was collected from the 18 companies, it was the duty and responsibility of ITCG to complete the infrastructural works.
He asserted that the ITCG cannot shirk its responsibilities and blame the promoters for the delay in paying the installments when the government itself has decided to keep the project on hold.
Dayanand Narvekar suggested closing down the ITCG if the government was not interested in going ahead with the IT Habitat at Dona Paula and argued that there would be a saving of at least Rs Two lakhs every month which is paid as rent to the ITCG’s office premises.

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