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National Highways Re-christened

The National Highways passing through Goa have been given new numbers as part of the exercise undertaken by the National Highways Authority of India to bring about a logic to naming highways and also making them easily identifiable as far as their location is concerned.
The National Highway 17 that passes from Patradevi in North to Polem in South which is the major route connecting Mumbai to Mangalore, has been re-numbered as National Highway 66 while the National Highway 4-running in a west-east direction connecting Goa to Belgaum will now be known as National Highway 748.

The two bypasses, from Cortalim to Vasco which was called National Highway 17-A will now be called National Highway 366 and the National Highway 17-B connecting Vasco to Verna is henceforth to be known as National Highway 566.
Sources in the NHAI disclosed that this exercise has been undertaken as at present national highways numbering is extremely complicated to comprehend.


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