Nationalise Mining In Goa: Reddy

Indian National Trade Union Congress President Sanjeeva Reddy on Monday said that Goa’s mining industry should be nationalized in order to save ores from being exported to earn revenue.
Reddy said that Goa’s mining industry is involved in ‘mindless export’. “Goa will have to import ore as the available resources are enough for almost 50-60 years,” he said and opined that the Centre must first ban the export of iron ore and nationalize mining in Goa.
Pointing out that it is a national resource and only few industrialists should not be allowed to benefit from it, he said that the worst part is that it is being exported to competitors like China.
Firm on the fact that or should not be exported, he said that if it taken away from the hands of the few who benefit from it, it will benefit crores of people.
Goa exports around 45 million metric tons of Iron ore, manganese and bauxite from 100-odd mining leases across the state.

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