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Navarre-Goa Link On Anvil

In a bid to promote pilgrim tourism while at the same time promoting environmental protection, Goa government is exploring the possibilities of establishing links with the Spanish town of Navarre where Goa’s earlier Patron Saint Francis Xavier was born.
The relics of St. Francis Xavier placed in an exquisitely carved casket housed in an impressive mausoleum at the Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa attracts thousands of tourists every year.
Civil authorites of Navarre have expressed interest in establishing the link to exploit the emotional ties the two places have thanks to the legendary St. Francis Xavier.
However, given the fact that Navarre is also a pioneer in renewable energy specially wind energy; the Goan authorities want to explore the possibilities of learning from this town to tap the same energy in the state.
That is the reason why the team heading for Navarre besides having Tourism Director Swapnil Naik will also include Director of Science & Technology Michael D’Souza.
Of special interest will be the biomass plants set up in Navarre which could be used to manage and recycle the ever increasing biodegradable waste in Goa.
Navarre has the distinction of generating 60 per cent of its power requirement through renewable energy sources like wind, water and sun.

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