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Navelim College Bars Students From Answering Exams

Taking a tough stand to instill discipline, the management of Navelim college barred around 20 final year students from answering their final examinations on Wednesday on grounds that they did not meet the attendance criteria.
The management argued that the students did not have 75 per cent attendance as required to answer the examinations and further pointed out that they did not answer the tests and that their parents/guardians did not respond to the note sent to them regarding the absenteeism.

However, the students protested against the management’s decision demanding to know why they were allowed to fill up their examination forms and further issued hall tickets, if they did not fulfill the required criteria.
As the management stood firm on its decision to act tough in order to instill discipline, the affected students trooped off to Goa University to apprise its officials of the development.

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