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Navelim Forum Castigates Govt.

Navelim Civic and Consumer Forum accused the government of misleading the people of the Medium of Instruction issue in view of the ensuing assembly elections and will present a fait accompli once the elections are over, which will be detrimental to the future generation.
Pointing out that the Supreme Court has directed that the Right to Education Act has to be implemented within three years, the Forum said the Act has to come into force in Goa for the academic year 2012-13.
Hence, they argued that after the next assembly elections, the Act will be implemented with regional language as a medium of instruction not up to the IV standard as is the position now, but up to the VIII Standard.
The Forum accused the Goa government of merely seeking time so that it can hoodwink the people till the assembly elections by giving them hope to garner their votes.
While urging the government to listen to the voice of the people demanding English as a medium of instruction, the Forum warned that failure to do so will result in the present dispensation paying a heavy price.

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