Navy’s Yacht Returns From Sole Journey

Indian Navy’s yacht INSV Mhadei that had set sail for Rio, Brazil on 25th November 2010 with a four member crew, returned go Goa on Saturday after successfully completing its maiden journey.

The state of art yacht built at Divar island by Aquarius Fibreglass Pvt Ltd, Goa, was sailed by Lt. Cdr. Abhilash Tomy alone on its return journey from Cape Town to Goa.

The 34 day voyage was not only to test the yacht but also to train the crew in sailing under diverse conditions.

The four member crew manned the vessel on its journey from Goa to Cape Town and had a four member crew for the journey from Cape Town to Rio. However, on the return journey from Rio to Cape Town it was manned by only two persons and from Cape Town to Goa by one person.

After the success of this voyage, the Indian Navy is now planning for a solo circumnavigation mission to be undertaken by Lt. Cdr. Abilash Tomy whose sole journey from Cape Town to Goa was a preparation for this bigger adventure.

Commander Dilip Donde who holds the record of the first Indian solo circumnavigator who travelled around the globe in a 277 day adventure, was present to receive the vessel when it sailed back to Goa.

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