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Naxalism- An enemy to India

1967- rise of an extreme Left Maoist group in the Naxalbari village of West Bengal under the leadership of Charu Majumdar, Kanu Sanyal and Jangal Santhal put another dagger into the heart of our nation which time and again makes it bleed from inside. The Bijapur incident of Chhattisgarh that led to the loss of life of 22 CRPF jawans and injury of 30 pained the whole nation. Every time an incident like this happens, we cannot help but imagine- When and how will this end? When will we not wake up with the news of the death of our protectors? When will the families of our jawans stop bearing the anguish by the death of their loved ones?

Naxalism to me is a bigger and uglier threat than terrorism. While the latter is often blunt about its’ intentions born out of radicalization mostly, the former comes masked with some politically correct notion of struggle for the poor, fight for equality, etc. Worse that it has the involvement of many amongst those whom we consider an important part of the establishment itself- intellectuals, activists, politicians, etc. Naxalism, being a brain child of these privileged lot, often comes in action via those who are brainwashed that equality could be achieved by pulling others down even if that demands bloodshed. Here, one must remember that this brainwashed lot isn’t ‘innocent’, as many say this trying to whitewash their crime. No matter how much naïve one is about the nuances of a civilized and peaceful society that values hard work and ambitions, the basic tenets of being human, that is, conscience and empathy could be kept aside only by choice. Moreover, it is not the vulnerability of Naxals that has made them choose this horrendous path, rather it is this path they have chosen which makes many innocents in their own families and societies vulnerable. Along with all this, the very obvious anger amongst the common people for this crime diverts the attention from those who struggle for daily bread.

A recent report by UNDP Multi-dimensional Poverty Index says that the Schedule Tribes of India are the worst sufferers of poverty, malnutrition, etc. This is not going to get solved by guns and bombs that Naxalism has chosen exploiting people mostly amongst the STs only. Rather, the Index also says that STs nevertheless are growing towards a better life at a faster pace than others, giving much credit to the policies and programs of the state. This fact shouts out loud that between making the choice of inclining towards the so-called intellectuals and privileged for their twisted ideologies and a bond with the state- they must choose latter.

One line here, that can sum up this evil is ‘Power brings perversion’. The ones having power often try to suppress the poor to remain at their vulnerable present conditions thus having a lifetime license to lead and exploit them in the name of some foreign ideology. The power of these influence holders, thus must be taken to course at first. Their disruptive mind-set should be checked before it seeps into the masses. The Intelligence must pin them down.

Apart from this, the government reaching efficiently to even the interior and marginalized areas of the country is needed. The people from these areas need to see what India is capable of offering them provided their loyalty to their motherland stays. To do this, the steel curtain of Naxalism and Maoism, which stands between India and its citizens, must be done away with even if that means using an ‘iron-fist’.

Also, our defence and security forces could be given more freedom to operate in the areas burdened with this problem. Care also must be taken that this doesn’t end up becoming exploitative. Only a combination of short-term curbs by power and long-term welfare projects can give us a way out of this.

At the end- many people from the left cabal itself, came out criticizing the Bijapur incident by asking why our martyred jawans belong to the family of kisans and not politicians. The day when these people would stop comparing lives based on someone’s circumstances and profession, analysing who shall be sacrificed to this bloody game that is the brainchild of them only and give the country genuine solution to resolve this firstly disengaging themselves to it, perhaps we could say that we are moving progressively towards eradicating this enemy. Because if they don’t come out, Indians would. And we are very much capable of showing them that no matter what- India stays, our nationalism stays and they stay strong.

Shobhna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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