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NCP Asks Desouza, Halankar to Resign

In a move to make way for the poster-boy of NCP in Goa – Mickky Pacheco, the National Congress Party has asked its two ministers Jose Philip Desouza and Nilkanth Halankar to resign.
In a meeting held this evening, confidential sources in NCP have confirmed that these deliberations did occur and both Desouza and Halankar have been officially asked by Dr Praful Hede – the national party head of NCP in Goa to put in their papers.
Further elaborating, sources stated that these instructions came directly from the NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar under advice from Praful Patel.

While Jose Philip DeSouza handled the Ministry of Finance; Nilkanth Halankar who moved into power after Mickky Pacheco’s forced resignation from the ministry again -under the instructions of NCP Supremo- handled the tourism ministry.
NCP calling for resignation of both Desouza and Halankar will see the further strengthening of Congress Party in Goa; if sources close to the Congress party are to be believed since both Desouza and Halankar are expected to join the Congress Party undoubtedly.
However, with this turn of event, what would be interesting to wait and see is what the Congress Party in particular Churchill Alemao and supporters in the government including the Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat will do; since Mickky waltzing back into power will not be accepted by many, thus leading to probable mid-term polls in Goa.

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