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NCP Goa groping in the dark

While Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Goa is putting on a strong and focused face to its members, supporters and voters at large in light of the preparations for the 2012 Goa Assembly Elections, all most all senior members in the newly formed core committee claim to be lost or disillusioned about the future stance of the party with the only exception being that of NCP’s women wing National General Secretary Bharati Chavan.

One highly placed member in NCP Goa core committe on strict condition of anonymity expressed that for the NCP high command Goa as a state is too small a concern. Hence, they are quite happy piggy-backing with Congress to get few Cabinet berths of consequence. However, while we might express to the media and voters that we are keen to make our pressence felt in all 40 constituency, nothing much has been done to make our voter basis strong in all these constituencies. And even the High command had shown no interest.

NCP Goa had announced that they would be working towards reconstituting the block committees. However, it is left to see whether NCP core committee here moves fast on this front or only does lip service since some core committee members and party members are divided on numerous issues, as expressed by yet another core committee member.

While Mickky has been clearly sidelined by the NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar, the question is whether Mickky’s supporters in NCP create trouble for NCP being inside the party or whether they join Mickky who has already announced the formation of his new party United Goans.

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