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NCP Moves to Make Micky Legislative Party Leader

Snubbed as it was when it asked that Micky Pacheco be inducted in the State cabinet, the Nationalist Congress Party in Goa has now written to the Goa Legislative Assembly Speaker Pratapsing Rane to recognize Micky as the NCP’s leader in the legislature replacing Jose Philip D’Souza who held the position till now. Besides, the NCP has also asked the Speaker to de-recognise Nilkanth Halarnkar as the party whip.
The letter was reportedly signed by party General Secretary Peethambaram Master and it is seen as a move to checkmate the two NCP ministers who have refused to resign as ministers when asked to, forcing the party to ask the Chief Minister to drop them from the cabinet.

It is rumoured that the Congress MLAs led by PWD Minister Churchill Alemao who are opposing Micky’s induction in the cabinet are planning to get Jose Philip and Nilkanth to resign from the NCP and join the Congress.
All eyes are now on Pratapsing Rane who has to decide upon the matter. Though technically he has to go by the request of the NCP, the old war horse that he is, Pratapsing Rane is likely to find some way or mean to do what is best suited for the Congress Party just as he has kept the disqualification petitions against the Dhavlikar brothers pending for so long.


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