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Nearly 100,000 getting infected by coronavirus every day in Britain

London: Authorities in the UK confirmed on Thursday that nearly 100,000 people are getting infected by the coronavirus every day, leading to an unprecedented rise in the number of COVID cases, in the second wave, even as experts warn that the UK is fast approaching the peak in infections seen in the spring.

The study, carried out by the Imperial College London, said that the pace of the epidemic is accelerating and estimates that the number of people infected is now doubling every nine days.

Unlike France and Germany the government in the UK is not going for a nationwide lockdown, but is sticking to its regional strategy.

The React-1 study is highly influential because it is the most up-to-date assessment of Covid-19 in the country, with the last swabs taken only on Sunday and nearly 86,000 volunteers taking part.

The study shows that cases are rising in every age group and in every region of England.

While the North currently leads in the number of cases, infections are surging more rapidly in the South now.


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