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Need for a stronger regional party for the people of Goa

A lot has been said about the state of political affairs and bad governance in Goa, but nothing can or will change it if the people of Goa do not make an effort to bring about a change in this state of affairs. We cannot keep complaining all the time, if we know that some things are wrong then we need to have the fortitude and courage to stand up to our convictions and work ‘Towards a Better Goa’.

As a government in power the Congress-led government has failed us miserably and the opposition party BJP has for the last couple of years tried through a lot of words but very little action to change the growing corruption menace, work towards an economic growth and enhance the social welfare of the people of Goa. You can say that the people have elected these politicians into power on account of many reasons – some blind following to national party ideologies, some because of the dictates of religious orders, some because of the easy money they received and some because they did not even bother to vote. But do we want to continue to do so.

Goa has no dearth of talent. Politics just as any vocation is a career path of vital importance in today’s society because it is the politicians who guide the fortunes and future of our state and country; and if we are going sit back and watch the corrupt politicians with false empathy for our people and land continue to rule our state, then we have no right to complain about the political affairs, because we have not done anything to change it. If you look around you will find that as Goa we have many educated and determined individuals from different spheres of profession amongst the adults and youth force, who can be leaders of today and of tomorrow. It is important to nurture this talent, if we want a better Goa of tomorrow. It is important to give them wings to fly and be the wind beneath their wings.

Therefore in our determination to bring about a progressive change in Goa and feeling the pulse of the people of Goa who are looking for a change for the better, we have decided to float a new political party to provide a platform for better candidates who are willing to work ‘Towards a Better Goa’.

Our Motto is simple, it is inspired by US President Barrack Obama’s campaign strategy – ‘Yes we can’. The motto or driving force to our political party is ‘YES WE WILL’…

Can we together change the corrupt system and practices in Goa – Yes we will.

Can we together work towards creating a state of communal harmony and a sense of belonging – Yes we will.

Can we together work towards protecting the identity of our state, people and land – Yes we will.

Can we together work towards a progressive economic development and growth of the state – Yes we will.

Can we together work towards bringing back many Goans who left the state because of lack of business and work opportunities by creating opportunities for them and our people in the state – Yes we will.

Can we together work towards the upliftment of the social welfare, civic necessities and standard of living of our people – Yes we will.

Can we together ensure that the people of Goa get good education, healthcare and transportation – Yes we will.

Can we together ensure that we learn from our past, work hard in the present and plan for the future for the betterment of our children – Yes we will.

If people are willing to work with us on this basic mission statement of our agenda of setting up a political party, we will be able to change Goa and make it a model state. We will make Goa be recognized for its good governance not only in India but globally as well. And trust me when I say this, if we WILL this to happen, ‘YES WE WILL’ accomplish it.

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