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Nepali Security Guard Murdered at Damodar College


The lone security guard at Damodar College, Margao was murdered on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday by what claim to be thieves who were probably caught in the act by the guard.
Ganapani Joshi, a native of Nepal was on duty as security guard at the college and was probably on the third floor of the building. According to police he must have heard some noise and was coming down to investigate. However, he was apparently accosted on the mid-landing between the second and third floor and hit with a hard object on his head.

Police surmise that he was murdered by thieves as the locks of the offices on the first and second floor were found broken and an inventory of missing items from the office is still underway. However, police found a lap top flung in the vicinity and believe that it was stolen from the office.
According to the police, the thieves after ransacking the offices on the first and second floor, were on the way to the third while at the same time Ganapati was descending to check on the sound when he was murdered.
Given the fact that there is a wound on the head, it is believed that Ganpati was hit by a hard object which resulted in his death.


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