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New lockdown guidelines make face masks compulsory, spiting in public places to attract

New Delhi: The Centre on Wednesday issued new guidelines for the extended lockdown period making face masks compulsory in public places and workplaces.Spitting in public place will also attract fine.

“Wearing of face cover is compulsory in all public places & work places and Spitting in public place shall be punishable with fine. Strict ban on Sale of liquor, Gutkha, Tobacco and spitting should be strictly prohibited’, the new guidelines reads.

As per the fresh guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), all social, political, sports, religious functions, religious places, places of worship shall be closed for public till May 3. Cinema halls, malls, shopping complexes, gymnasiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, bars will also remain closed till then.

All grocery stores, fruit, vegetables shops or carts, milk booths, poultry, meat and fish shops shall remain open during lockdown and the strict ban of sale of liquor, gutkha and tobacco will remain in force.
The guidelines have been issued by the Union Home Secretary following the extension of the nationwide lockdown announcement by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

Those above the age of 65 and persons with comorbidity and parent of children below the age of five years may be encouraged to work from home.

Punishment for false warning whoever circulate false alarm or warning as to disaster or its severity leading to panic shall on conviction be punishable by imprisonment upto 1 yr or with fine, the MHA guidelines further said.

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