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New regulatory body for Casinos: Kamat

Casino operations in Goa will now be governed by a special regulation and a gaming commission, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat said in his budget speech here Thursday.
Kamat said these steps are being taken at the behest of a study by the union finance ministry.
‘A committee under director, financial intelligence unit of the ministry of finance has examined the issue in great detail…the committee has recommended a comprehensive legislation and setting up of an autonomous gaming commission to regulate the casinos in the state,’ Kamat said.

Goa at present has seven offshore casinos operating on vessels and more than a dozen onshore casinos housed in the numerous five-star resorts.
The Goa government first promised to set up a gaming commission in 2009, but failed to implement the proposal.
‘The committee has also recommended the use of standardised software to calibrate the gaming machines. I propose to introduce these recommendations after examining international best practices in this financial year,’ Kamat said.
The casinos were already brought under the purview of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, he added.

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