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New Terrorist Strategy Busted: Offer jobs in Gulf, Kidnap After Two Months

Srinagar: Job aspirants from the Hindu community need to be careful about the Gulf Job offers being advertised in local newspaper in their states.

The Intelligence Agencies in Srinagar had recently intercepted information of a ISIS backed terror operative unit working out of Pakistan with field operatives in Kashmir planning to release a Gulf Job advertisement in a local newspaper in Goa.

The advertisement which was planned to be released in Goan newspapers focused on offering job aspirants an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia in the hospitality, IT and other service industries.

The job advertisement was to focus on job aspirants from the Hindu community.

“The plan of the advertisement was to lure boys and men from the Hindu community to Saudi Arabia. Offer them salaries for the first two months and then have them kidnapped as leverage to further the Jihadi warfare with India,” expressed a source in the Indian Intelligence Agencies.

The plan was intercepted by an informer of the Indian Intelligence Agency working in Kashmir undercover with Pakistani terror modules.

When IndianExpose spoke to the asset of the Indian Intelligence Agency, he revealed, that it is easy to target middle-class Indians. There is a job aspiration. Gulf continues to be a major draw for most Indians. The terror operatives have evolved in their agenda against India. Offering jobs, luring them to a foreign land, using them as leverage or even converting them towards their terror agenda is the new order of the day. We are monitoring it.”

When questioned why a focus on the men from the Hindu community, he responded, “It will be a leverage to use against India that they see predominantly as a Hindi majority nation.”

While Goa happened to be the intercepted message targeted, IndianExpose has learned that terror outfits could be targeting Gulf job aspirants from other states too.

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