NGMA’s Art Adda Proves to be a Big Hit

  • Anjolie Ela Menon’s book ‘Through the Platina‘ unveiled at Art Adda, NGMA

  • NGMA urges art lovers to come and be a part of it”, DG, NGMA 

Through The Platina‘ Hindi version of the book, narrating the personality and creative life of eminent artist and Padma Shri awardee Anjolie Ela Menon was launched at New Delhi’s National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) on Friday, July 27.


L to R: Uday Bhaskar, Anjolie Ela Menon, O P Jain, Ritu Sharma (Director, NGMA), Arun Vadera,
Adwaita Gadanayak (DG, NGMA)

The book launch was a part of NGMA’s unique initiative ‘Art Adda’ which is a platform where people from all walks of life unite under one roof to discuss art and culture. Art Adda is conceptualised by NGMA where art lovers, artists, teachers and experts interact with each other and share their thoughts and ideas about impact and role of art and culture in the society. The ‘Art Adda’ is being held on the last Friday of every month at NGMA, New Delhi.

Anjolie Ela Menon was present at the launch of the book. Following the book launch, she said, “It feels great when your life’s work gets transformed into a book. I thank all the people who have constantly supported me all these years. I couldn’t have been where I am without their support. I hope the Hindi translation of the book inspires more and more budding artists.

Congratulating Ela Menon, Ritu Sharma, Director, NGMA said, “I congratulate Anjolie Ela Menon for her achievements. She is certainly one of the finest artists in our country. On the occasion of the launch of her biography’s Hindi version, I take an opportunity to convey my best regards to her. I hope the Hindi translation of the book sells in big numbers and her work gets appreciated by more and more people.” 

Sanskriti Pratishthan’s founding director Shri O P Jain unveiled the book. After launching the book, he applauded Ela Menon for an illustrious career and hailed her contribution towards Indian art.

I on the behalf of Sanskriti Pratishthan, I congratulate Ela Menon. I am convinced that the Hindi translation of this book will help us take her life’s work to a wider section. I wish her all the very best for her future endeavours,” added Shri Jain.

Shri Adwaita Gadanayak, Director General, NGMA was also present at the event and he wished Ela Menon all the very best. “It is always a matter of pride when an artist’s creative work takes the shape of a book for it not just immortalises his/her creativity but also helps a layman understand the hard work and dedication of the artist. The book also narrates the journey of the artist and also informs what actually inspired him/her to create such a masterpiece. I am convinced that the Hindi translation of ‘Through The Platina‘ will further reduce the divide between the readers and the artist,” said Shri Gadanayak.

Source: NV1

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