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NGOs allege ‘Delimitation Fraud’


Alleging a ‘delimitation fraud’ in the delimitation of wards for the forthcoming Panchayat elections, representatives of Villages of Goa have demanded that the government identify those responsible for the anomalies.

Representatives from the villages of Pilerne, St Estevam, St Cruz, Velim, Siridao, Canacona, Paroda were present.

Fr Bismarque Dias, an environmental activist from St Estevam village said “the delimitation of wards has created confusion in the minds of the voters.” He warned that the delimitation was done in a manner that would see “the same people elected again,” and this would lead to the further destruction of Goan villages.

Prakash Bandodkar, president of the Pilerne Citizens Forum said “voters have been taken from one ward and put into another ward altogether”. “In our village, people have been shifted from ward 2 to ward 9, from ward 9 to ward 1,” Bandodkar said while questioning the motives behind this. “Who has done this?” he questioned.

He felt those who were saying they will root out corruption, have in two months of coming to power managed the ‘delimitation manipulations’.

Peter Pires, from St Cruz felt the delimitation changes have been done to “trouble us”. Why people from neighbouring houses have been put in completely distant wards, he wondered. Dias said “this is not corruption, it is destruction.”

He said the St Estevam Panchayat had passed a resolution declaring that the village didn’t want elections held till the ‘delimitation manipulations’ were rectified. Bandodkar termed the release of the electoral roll on the day of issuing the notification as “fixing (of the election)”.


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