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NGOs, Local Bodies restricted from suggestions on RP 2021

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has said the government will restrict the involvement of local bodies and NGOs in the process of drafting the land use plan for Goa. “We will not be taking suggestions from panchayats and NGOs on all aspects of Regional Plan 2021.

The suggestions can be accepted where village life is going to be affected,” Parrikar told the state Legislative Assembly on Thursday. Goa government has kept on hold Regional plan 2021, the land use plan, after it received flak from a section of people who termed the plan as “fraud.” Parrikar said the new plan would be prepared within 6-7 months.

The earlier RP2021 was formed after holding consultations with the local bodies and NGOs. The panel of experts was constituted by erstwhile Digambar Kamat government to draft the plan, which stands in the limbo now. Parrikar said there will be two aspects considered during the modification of existing RP2021.

“There will be ‘go’ and ‘no-go’ areas. NGOs and the local bodies will not be allowed to give their suggestion in ‘no-go’ aspect of the plan. It will be entirely decided by the state agencies,” he said.

The town and country planning department will keep open the plan for general suggestion from public for one month between August 15-September 15. “Once we receive general suggestions, the plan would be taken up for drafting in talukawise manner.

One taluka from each of the two districts will be taken up first,” he said. Regional Plan is a document that decides the land use in the state. The plan suggests where the settlement can be allowed, while protecting the eco-sensitive land masses in the state.

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