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NH Expansion: Authorities Revise Plan

No Solution Offered Says Manohar
Although the re-survey undertaken by the National highways Authority of India and Public Works Department, Goa has reduced the number of houses to be demolished for widening the National Highways in the State, people are not satisfied and insisted on re-routing the highways through the hinterland.
Following protests from all quarters against the proposed widening of National Highways as it would affect hundreds of houses, a re-survey was conducted and at places where the National Highway passes through settlements, the width has been reduced from 45 mts to 35 mts.

Subsequent to this only 168 houses now face demolition as against the earlier figure of 569 houses.  Besides, the NHAI also assured the people that two and three wheelers will be permitted to use the National Highways without paying any toll while frequent users will have to pay only one-third of the charges.
Addressing the people’s apprehension that the National Highways will divide villages make it impossible for those residing on one side to visit the other side of their own village, NHAI has offered to keep openings and crossings at every two kilometer distance.
Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar dismissed the presentation by NHAI as an attempt to only hoodwink the people without addressing the real issues nor offering concrete solutions.
He insisted that houses should not be demolished for widening the highway and stuck to his stand of the highways moving away from settlements.
Besides, he rejected the toll proposal of the NHAI claiming that the National Highways were nothing but roads linking villages to the taluka headquarters in Goa and therefore, Goans should not be paying any toll for using the roads connecting their village to the taluka and district headquarters.
“The proposal given by NHAI is not convincing and it does not offer any concrete solutions to the issues raised by the people,” he said speaking to Goa Chronicle.

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