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NHRC leaked its report on post-poll violence to media: Mamata Banerjee

After the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) conducted its enquiry into the post violence incidents in the whole of West Bengal, it recommended a CBI probe into the matter and this hasn’t gone down well with the West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee.

After the NHRC presented its final report on its enquiry into the post-poll violence in West Bengal on 15th July in the Calcutta High Court and recommended a CBI probe into the grievous cases of crime, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that the NHRC had ‘disrespected’ the court by ‘leaking’ the report to the media. She alleged that the NHRC was actually working under the influence of the BJP at the centre which was being vindictive after its defeat in the state of West Bengal and the leaders could still not ‘digest’ their defeat.

Banerjee also expressed her surprise about the NHRC not paying heed to the views of the State government and coming to a conclusion. As per Mamata’s views, the BJP was using impartial agencies to settle political scores and to sully the image of West Bengal. “The NHRC should have respected the court. Instead of leaking the findings to the media, it should have first submitted the same to the court”, she added. Banerjee also said that she would like to meet with the Prime Minister and President of India if she ‘gets an appointment’ during her visit to New Delhi the next week.

“Every time after elections, I visit Delhi to meet old and new friends. So this time too, I would be going to the National Capital for a few days as the COVID-19 situation is presently under control,” the Chief Minister said. She said that she had the highest regard for the judiciary and her government would present ‘its views and versions in the court’. Mamata claimed that pre-poll violence which had taken place in the state when the election commission was in-charge was being represented by the NHRC as post-poll violence.

She also asked as to how many human rights commission teams were sent to Uttar Pradesh which had reported numerous cases of attack on minorities during the last few years. She said, “What about the Unnao and Hathras incidents in Uttar Pradesh? How many visits by central teams and agencies to such places? PM Modi knows very well as to what is going on in that state.” After this, Mamata continued to lambast the Uttar Pradesh government and also criticized Prime Minister Modi for praising the Yogi government for its COVID-19 management and said that Modi’s statement was ‘biased’ and untrue.

Banerjee opined that there was no rule of law in Uttar Pradesh and everybody saw as to how COVID-19 infected bodies were thrown into River Ganga.


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