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Nigamanand Dies After Fasting For 73 Days For Saving The Ganga

While the people of India including Goa continue to remain under a spell of battle of words between the Government and Baba Ramdev, here is Swami Nigamanand who died after fasting for almost 73 days over illegal mining and saving the Ganga.
Swami Nigamanand of the Mantra Sadan was fighting this battle alone with no politicians, sadhus and journalists around him.

Media and politicians who have been creating hype about Ramdev Baba’s fast against corruption, have paid no attention to this genuine cause of Swami Nigamanand’s fast against rising pollution in the holy Ganges. While Ramdev’s followers gathered in lakhs to support him, Swami Nigamanand was fighting his battle against stone crushers and illegal mining on the banks of the river.
Swami Nigamanand died in the same ICU where Ramdev was admitted. He breathed his last just hours after Ramdev broke his fast.
ADM of Rishikesh Pratap Shah informed that Swami Nigamanand was on a hunger-strike for 68 days at his ashram.
Swami Kailashanand alleged that the Government is protecting the mining mafia and said that Swami Nigamanand was truly fighting for the Ganga without any media coverage and his hunger-strike proves his dedication to this cause.
There were no ministers, no politicians and hardly any sadhus accompanying Nigamanand’s body to the crematorium.

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