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Nigerian Complains Of Threat to Frame Under NDPS

Even as the image of Police Sub-Inspector Sunil Gudlar threatening an innocent man of framing him under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act are vivid in the minds of the people, a Nigerian Nwabuwanne Nwachukwu has complained that he was threatened of a similar frame-up.
In his complaint to the Calangute Police Nwabuwanne stated that on 10th October 2010, four personnel of the Anti-Narcotic Cell barged into his house at Saligao demanding bribe and threatened to book for possession of drugs.

He said the police personnel demanded Rs 20,000 and threatened to plants drugs on him if he did not give them the money.
Incidentally, though Nwabuwanne had lodged his complaint on 2nd November 2010, police did not take any action against him. The period when this incident took place was when Gudlar was heading the ANC.
Nwabuwanne, who was arrested on 3rd May 2010 in a drug related case registered in December 2009, has been granted bail and stated that he has been fulfilling all the conditions laid down by the courts while granting him bail.

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