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Nigerian deportation a matter of legal process: CM

The Goa government cannot prevent Nigerians from staying in Goa, chief minister Manohar Parrikar told mediapersons at Calangute on Sunday. “They come on a visa which gives them the right to stay anywhere in the country. Even if they’re registered in a university or institution outside Goa, they can still stay in Goa,” he said.

“The whole issue of deportation of Nigerians is not as simple as the media makes it out to be,” he said, adding, “It’s not easy to deport anybody. There are many legal issues involved. But we will definitely take action against those indulging in criminal activities. But this whole issue of Nigerians will take a lot of time to resolve.”

Earlier on Sunday, diplomats from the Nigerian embassy in New Delhi had a meeting with Nigerians staying in Goa at a hotel in Calangute. According to sources, the meeting was held to apprise the Nigerians about the legal ramifications of any illegal activities they may be indulging in while in Goa and also to familiarize them with the law of the land.

Around 50 Nigerians attended the hour-long meeting. The meeting was held following the violent incidents last Thursday at Porvorim following the murder of a Nigerian on Wednesday night at Parra.

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