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Nigerian mob clashes with local Goa police

A mob of over 100 Nigerians clashed with the Goa Police at Porvorim, destroyed a hearse van, damaged the dividers on the road in an attempt to stop the law enforcement personnel from taking the body of a fellow Nigerian who was killed at Parra Lobowaddo in a gang-war over drug business for post-mortem.

It is not known what actually  triggered the mob violence and sudden descent of a large mob of Nigerians (foreigners staying in Goa). The NH-17 highway was paralyzed for over two-hours on account of the clash. Goa police had to call for additional re-enforcement to control the unexpected mob. But what is known that the Nigerians did not want the police to conduct an autopsy on the dead Nigerian.

Witness at the incident told reporters that the Nigerians were threatening the Goa Police of further violence and backlash if the culprits behind the death of a fellow Nigerian was not found or the case not investigated in a fair manner.

Nigerians over the years have been increasing in numbers, some has also been alleged to be involved in the nefarious drug and prostitution trade in the North and some parts of South coastal belt.

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