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Nigerian Mob Rampage: MLAs term each other ‘Hijra’ and ‘Badwa’

In strong reaction post the Nigerian mob rampage, Independent MLA Vijai Sardesai described the BJP-government and its Ministers & MLAs as ‘Hijras’ (eunuchs) for the failure of the government to act firmly and effectively to control the Nigerian mob rampage on the NH-17 Highway at Porvorim that paralyzed the city for over four hours.

In retaliation to the stern words of the Independent MLA, BJP MLA Mahadev Naik in a press conference in presence of three other MLAs termed Sardesai as a ‘Badwa’ (pimp). “Everyone knows what a pimp Sardesai is right from his days as the General Secratry of Goa Congress. He is only interested in fooling the people of Goa and creating chaos in the governance. He has the confidence because few corrupt Congress leaders have elevated him to the position of pimp to do their dirty work. But people of Goa know his nature and will not be fooled.”

A mob of over 100 Nigerians clashed with the Goa Police at Porvorim, destroyed a hearse van, damaged the dividers on the road in an attempt to stop the law enforcement personnel from taking the body of a fellow Nigerian who was killed at Parra Lobowaddo for post-mortem. Post the mob rampage politicians in ruling and Opposition took the opportunity to score brownie points on the issue resorting to even abusing each in derogatory terms in media press conference.

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