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Nigerians constitute 80 per cent of Goa’s foreign drug pushers caught in 2017

Of the registered 136 cases in 2017 by Goa’s Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC), 80 per cent of the foreign drug peddler arrested were Nigerians.

In contrast to the 36 cases of 2016, as many as 136 cases were registered in 2017, almost a 400 per cent increase.

Drugs seized in raids were worth Rs. 2.84cr, said anti-narcotics cell (ANC) SP Umesh Gaonkar.

In the last five years, foreigners from South Africa, Russia, Israel, USA, Ghana, Germany, Sudan, Nepal and UK have been arrested in the drug trade.

Foreigners mostly import synthetic drugs which are in high demand during rave parties.

Gaonkar added that most of these foreigners had arrived in Goa via the Dabolim airport. Authorities are now discussing more efficient checking mechanisms for the airport.

Parrikar government has cracked down on not just drugs, but other practices too, including public drinking.

In 2017, it said it’s working towards prohibiting locals’ entry into casinos and was cracking down on illegal gambling and prostitution.

Police had also been instructed to shut down “late-night” parties after 10pm which are not part of Goa’s culture, according to Minister Vinod Palyekar.

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