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Nilesh Cabral joins BJP

Prominent Curchorem businessman Nilesh Cabral formally joined the BJP and said he joined the saffron party “to save Goa.”
Speaking on his decision to join the BJP, Cabral said he is not aspiring for a BJP ticket in the next assembly elections and that his only aspiration now is to protect the interests of Goa. However, sources in BJP have revealed that he is the top contender to get the BJP ticket and this move has upset the local BJP supporters in Curchorem, they see Cabral to be as corrupt as the current Congress MLA Shyam Saterdekar.

When asked how he would justify working for the BJP now when he had worked for the Congress in the last election, Cabral said he had not worked against the BJP party but was against the person and the issues then. Asked to rate the Congress Sanvordem MLA Shyam Satardekar’s performance, Cabral said Satardekar had not performed at all, so there was no question of evaluating his performance.

Cabral denied he was a business partner of Satardekar but admitted he was a personal friend of the Congress MLA. He also admitted it was a mistake to support Satardekar in the last elections.

When asked what he wanted to save Goa from, Cabral said he was opposed to the rampant corruption and to illegal mining in all forms. Cabral also said that since he was from the mining belt, he was fully aware of the mining issues.

He said mining dumps around the Curchorem, Sanguem and such areas are an eyesore and need to be cleared. Cabral said he has a diverse portfolio of businesses including barges, trucks, mining machinery, petrol pump, etc.


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