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NIO to Explore Sunken Chinese Ship

The Chinese ship that sank off Galgibaga coast in Canacona taluka around 60 years ago will be explored by a team of National Institute of Oceanography even though most of the things of value in the ship have long been pilfered by the locals.
The Chinese vessel carrying ore from Mormugao Port developed engine problems mid-sea and drifted towards the Galgibaga coast where it ran aground killing 10 of the 23 crew members. Though most of the survivors left for their native country, eight of them stayed back for six years to retrieve and make the vessel navigable and when their efforts failed, they too left for China.

The vessel can be seen during low tide and local steer away from it even during high tide as its presence causes undercurrent that can be quite treacherous.
Given the fact that all the valuables on the ship were either distributed by the sailors to their benefactors or pilfered by miscreants, locals are curious to know what the NIO team will find.

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