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Niyamgiri You Are Still Alive

Will Niyamgiri, you are still alive inspire Goans?
Niyamgiri, you are still alive is a documentary by Suma Josson that has been prepared over the last three years chronicling the struggle of the tribals from these hills situated in the Eastern Ghats of Orissa, India where the mighty Vedanta group sought to mine bauxite.
The tribals like Dongaria, Kutia, Majhi and Jharania Kondhs who have been living on the Niyamgiri and its foothills since time immemorial since 2003 launched a concerted struggle against the company on various ground including the destruction of two rivers Bansadhara and Nagaballi whose source lies in these hills.
Finally in August this year, the Ministry of Environment and Forests refused environmental clearance to Vedanta to mine the bauxite from these hills, and following that decision the movie was prepared. Goa Chronicle brings you an interview with the director particularly since Goa too faces a lot of problems due to mining.

Why did you think of such a subject for a documentary?
Mining and the resulting ecological disaster is a phenomenon which is happening all over the globe. The MNCs come blast the eco-sensitive areas, displace indigenous groups who have been living there for eons, and leave behind black deserts. I felt that I had to document this process, what was there before and what happens after. Fortunately as of now the project appears to be stalled.

How long did the process of shooting and editing the documentary take?
I have been working on Niyamgiri since 2007 and made a couple of campaign films on this issue. Niyamgiri, you are still alive is a film which I made after the decision from Ministry of Environment and Forests.

What inspired you to take up the cause of the tribe? There is a hint of optimism in your title Niyamgiri, you are still alive. Do you believe the mining juggernaut will stop for good in time?
Well I am hoping that the government keeps it word and Vedanta is asked to leave Niyamgiri so that the adivasis and eco-systems around can co-exist in harmonious ways as it has been happening since time immemorial.

Do you think the message you send across is positive enough to inspire people?
Definitely it is a peoples’ struggle against a huge giant Vedanta. From day one the adivasis have been firm in their decision to protect Niyamgiri and give up their lives for it. Such struggles have been going on all across both in India and other places, but it is also important to note that the government recognized this — the illegal manner in which Vedanta operated and put a stop to it.  

What are your expectations from screening the documentary at IFFI this year?
Any issue such as this, needs to be seen by as many people as possible so that they are aware of a story with a positive outcome. The points raised by the Ministry of Environment and Forests could set a precedent and used both in the court of law and in other platforms.

Goa is plagued with a similar issue of indiscriminate mining in its hinterland, media coverage of which is devoured by glamour oriented reportage coming out from the state. Do you have any hard lessons or suggestions for Goa?
While local struggles are important I feel that it is important to get international groups to raise these issues with the international media. Organizations like Actionaid and Survival International played a big role in bringing Niyamgiri to the limelight. 

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