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No CCTVs at Shacks!

One fails to understand the merit of the issue raised by the shack owners with regards to the installation of CCTVs in the shacks. Not known to many the idea of the CCTVs was suggested by the Goa Police Authorities in particular the Director General of Police (DGP) Krishna Kumar as a safety and security measure in the interest of the shack owners and growing number of tourists in the state.

Expressed a senior police official, on condition of anonymity, it is strange that the shack owners should have an objection to CCTVs. One can understand to issue of additional investment to put-up such technology in the places of shack operations; but in today’s environment even small corporate entities are willing to invest in such measures for safety and security. The shack owners reasoning that it will be extra cost and maintenance is also dumbfounded since the revenue earned on shacks during season time is certainly considerable for shack owners to invest in safety and security.

Interestingly, the BJP-led government has decided to bend to certain demands of the shack-owners including the installation of the CCTVs in order to appease the shack-owners. Goa Vikas Party Supremo Franscisco (Mickk) Xavier Pacheco has lend his support to Shack Owners and even raised their grievances with the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

But what one fails to understand is the complete callousness of the government to such a security measure. With Goa growing as a national and international tourist destination, safety and security measures will have to be of prime importance for the government and its allies; and with shacks being a popular frequenting spot of many tourists as well as nefarious characters dealing in drugs and prostitution keen on targeting tourists; the enhancing safety and security measures at these spots would be of vital importance.

According to the reasoning of the shack owners, the onus of ensuring safety and security is off the police authority and not the shack owners. So such investments must not be made by the shack owners but the police either in technology or personnel. While that moot point can be considered, it simply defies logic since it is the responsibility of an integrated approach of the police and civilians to ensure that tourists in this state are safe. The government’s succumbing to the pressure of the shack owners has surprised many especially on the issue of CCTVs in shacks.

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