No change in Navelim by successive governments: UFN Patron

GoaChronicle.com interacted with Aldrin Coutinho, Patron, behind the United Front of Navelim (UFN) on Facebook discussing the plans and goals of this new social service organization in the Navelim constituency…

GC: What led you and your team to the formation of UFN?

AC: The very day that we launched the group I had said that we are fed up of the daily issues that the Navelkars faced, we have the same problems of garbage disposal, traffic woes, power fluctuations, frequent power cuts, health hazard faced by us with sewage disposal around our neighborhood and fields; schemes not being passed on to the deserving beneficiaries etc. are few reasons that led me to form this group with like-minded Navelkars.

United Front of Navelim is here to help the Navelkar in socio economic and personality development.

GC: What are your objectives of UFN?

AC: The objectives are simple – to reach out to the Aam Aadmi Navelkar, who is struggling to make ends meet to have a better life at the end of the day and also to keep our identity as Navelkars intact, the motto we have taken as our theme  “Let us change the face of Navelim and Not Navelkars  “

GC: How do plan to achieve these UFN objectives?

AC: Well, we have just begun field work, meeting villagers understanding their problems;  talking to the state administration, drawing up plans to be the change that has kept Navelim from moving forward for a long time. We also helped some needy women and families, gave a boost to our local sports club to promote sports among our youth besides these there are so many other activities that we have sponsored so that our youth moves forward. As a goodwill gesture the United Front of Navelim distributed free full sports kits and sports jerseys to Carmel Sports Club; and for the other youth from different wards soccer balls and sports Jerseys.

GC: Where have the previous and current government done well and failed in the Navelim constituency?

AC: Whether the previous government has done or well or not let the Navelkar decide but for me, there has been no change with successive governments taking over. Besides tarring of roads and widening of them there is nothing new in Navelim that I am proud of at this moment. We have the same issues for the last so many  years.

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