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No country for Hindu priests

The brutal murder of the two Palghar Hindu priests by a mob of Inhumans led to their death by a bunch of insensitive Maharashtra police officers that were present at the scene of the crime and co-conspired in the insanity, is an act of violence that Indians all over the world must hang their heads in shame about.

The scene of the Hindu priests – one above the age of 70 – being violently beaten to death which was captured on cameras while the police watched the crime committed by a violent mob continues to haunt me and many like me. It haunts me because the act was vile and diabolic to the core. I see humanity being crushed each time I look at the video

Maharashtra Police officers leading the Hindu priests out of the police station, where they sort refuge and handing them over to the mob is an act so vile that more than the mob it should be the police officers present at the scene of the crime that needs to be sacked from the Maharashtra Police Force.

The sorrow in the eyes of the Hindu priests at the betrayal of the Maharashtra police and incomprehension of the reason for this brutal violence on them was heartwrenching. Not one person with a sense of human empathy came to the rescue of the Palghar Hindu priests.

The mob with their sticks, rods, and batons just pounded the poor Hindu priests with a demonic viciousness and intent to cause extreme pain and eventually death. The mob knew that they had the protection of the police because the police present watched this act of violence without batting an eyelid or raising an alarm. They watched as though they were sipping Chai while watching a Bollywood movie.

Even a year after this gruesome act of violence shocked India. To most Indians in particular people from the Hindu community, the violence against the two Hindu priests will get added to the long list of recent violence in India against Hindu priests and sages. Some Hindus will make noise for some days but most will not even bother. Media, of course, will remain tongue-tied and finger zapped because mob violence on Hindu priests is not newsworthy to fight about for justice, after all, it is not a Muslim or a Christian, it is only a Hindu priest. To most of them in the media, Hindu lives do not matter.

Let’s be clear Graham Staines’s murder some years by a maniacal mob was considered by many to be a blot on Indian society. Indian and foreign media chastised our country for this inhuman crime but a maniacal mob brutally killing two innocent aged Hindu priests is not a blot of human society. It is a normal crime and it does not deserve Indian or international attention.

Indians vehemently demanded justice over the gruesome death of Graham Staines and his children, Hindus too being true to their humane nature also demanded justice but when it comes to the Hindu priests who were brutally killed there is a stoic silence in most quarters of the Hindu community including the Indian government that many critics term as a Hindu-majority government.

The fact the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi finds time to tweet about the knife attack in France but fails to tweet about a mob in India killing Hindu priests just makes me wonder whether the Hindus themselves care about their priests been beaten by a mob of maniacs like they were insignificant to this world.

Forget for a moment that they were not Hindu priests. Imagine that they were two citizens of India – one out of them was a senior citizen – both of whom were brutally attacked by a maniacal mob for reasons, we Indians do not even know after one year.

The investigations into the gruesome act of violence are nothing but an eyewash without any real answers coming out in public or any stern punishable actions meted out on the police officers that watched the crime being committed or the mob that committed the crime.

The death of the Palghar Hindu priests – Panchdashnaam Joona Akhada alias Chikne Maharaj Kalpavrukshagiri aged 70 years and Sushilgiri Maharaj Kalpavrukshagiri aged 35 years – will remain a statistic in the book of crimes in India with no real answers behind the purpose of the crime and the people who are really responsible for the crime.

The truth is when a crime is committed using a mob with the police playing co-conspirator and mute spectator then there has to be a powerful hand that instigated the mob to carry out this inhuman act.

The Palghar Hindu priests will only get justice if we as a nation get together to demand justice – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and every other community.

Today a mob violently killed two Hindu priests, tomorrow it could be priests from different religious communities in India. We must fight for the Palghar Sadhus as Indians. Otherwise, justice will be denied and it will prove that India is ‘Not a country for Hindu priests’

Savio Rodrigues

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Goa Chronicle


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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