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No Delhiwallah politician can understand Goa!

I believe for a small state like Goa, a regional party focused on the growth of the state and having a national synergy works best. 

Or a national party with a political leader like the Late Manohar Parrikar who would put Goa first and leaders from the High Command in Delhi would think twice before trying to brow-beat him on Goa or its policies. 

The reason I say this is because to a national party, Goa really is about two Lok Sabha seats and one Rajya Sabha seat, couple that with other business interests that dovetails mostly as infrastructure projects. That unfortunately is the bitter truth. Therefore, you see most political parties when in Opposition object to infrastructure projects along with the activists under some pretext or the other, but once in power, they toe the line of the need for infrastructure projects and forget all about the activism. 

Over the last 11-years and numerous interactions with political leaders from Delhi and out of Goa. I have often noticed that in their eyes Goa is about tourism, national infrastructure projects, casinos, and about turning Goa into an Indianised version of Las Viegas. And most irritatingly most politicians that come to Goa seem to think that Goa is a city and not a state. 

You can argue with me that both Congress and BJP, though national parties, are deeply rooted in Goa and therefore Congress and BJP are the most prominent Delhi-based parties in the state.

Theoretically, that is true. But other than the Late Manohar Parrikar, most Goan political leaders are trumpeters off the music of the High Command in Delhi. And nobody does it better than the Congress leaders in Goa. Now, of course, there is BJP and AAP in the competition. 

Such is their pathetic approach to local politics that most local political leaders of Congress and BJP will not take any decision unless it comes from the High Command. Then the High Command will send its leaders to Goa to resolve a conflict and most of these leaders who come from Delhi or other states, have no idea about Goan sensibilities or the push-and-pull strings. They enjoy the Goan hospitality and leave a political conflict in an even bigger mess.

I remember, Digvijay Singh during the Goa Assembly Elections 2017, he came for the final crisis management when Congress almost took the coveted ‘Goa Government’ from the BJP but failed because the local Congress leaders were fighting for the CM’s chair, Rahul Gandhi was probably in Thailand surfing different waves and Digvijay Singh was honeymooning with his wife in the idyllic honeymoon state in India. 

Even during the Goa Assembly Elections 2012, Jagmeet Singh Brar and Sudhakar Reddy of the Congress made hay while the sun shined in Goa. They could care less about the party affairs. They came enjoyed the hospitality and left the Congress in a state of darkness. Since then, the light in Congress is dying slowly. 

In a conflict in the BJP over two years ago. Senior leaders came down to Goa to resolve the internal BJP crisis when 10-Congress leaders were inducted. Instead of listening to the concerns of the state-level senior BJP leaders, the Delhiwallahs high on some intoxication was rude to leaders in Goa and told them in no uncertain words to accept the decision to induct the Congress leaders in the BJP or leave the party at their own peril.

Of course, none of the senior leaders of the BJP Goa left the party. They realized that after giving so many years to the party, there is no point fighting further or going against the party. They accepted the decision of the party High Command. One of the senior BJP leaders that got a telling from the Delhiwallahs recently got elevated to a more dignified position in Himachal Pradesh. A position he rightfully deserves.

In fact, when I met the BJP senior leader from High Command in Delhi and questioned him on his strange behavior supporting the importation of crooks from Congress, he just ignored my question and walked away.

Now in Goa, we have new Delhiwallahs in town, all around Goa we see the face of Arvind Kejriwal. It seems as though Arvind Kejriwal is the CM candidate of the AAP in Goa. I will not be surprised that he might put himself in the race for CM of Goa, after all his ambition is to be Super CM. Be CM of Delhi, Be CM of Punjab, Be CM of Uttarakhand, and Be CM of Goa. He certainly has the potential to be Super CM, because all you need is a mind of a megalomaniac, and Arvind Kejriwal is certainly one.

It is amusing to see that these Delhiwallahs with Topis actually think Goans are like Delhites. 

Therefore, they turned Arvind Kejriwal into a Santa Claus with a burgeoning paunch and a blue bag going around promising free goodies to the people of Goa, like free ration to people living in sprawling Bungalows with two bikes and luxury Sedan car. 

This set of Delhiwallahs of the AAP believes that you do not need a Goan face to win in Goa. You just need the face of Arvind Kejriwal. 

That’s why I say No Delhiwallah politician can understand Goa and Goans! Goa needs a leader who is not a puppet of Delhiwallah politicians!


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com
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