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No Detention Circular Creates Problems

The Education Department’s decision not to detain any student till he or she reaches the IX standard is causing a lot of heartburn for not only managements of schools and teachers but also to many in Goa who were gainfully employed in giving tuitions to these students.

The circular issued on 6th May is causing the school managements as it came long after the results for the last academic year were prepared and given to the students. Teachers are now faced with a problem of promoting the students, who were earlier declared as failed,

Many of the students who failed have changed the school and these students are now in a dilemma whether the new school will admit them to a higher class to which they are promoted due to the new circular or keep them in the class where they had sought admission.

Prospects of getting admission in the school they had left are also not bright as the admission formalities are complete and it is not yet clear whether the schools will re-admit the ‘failed’ students in the higher class.

Besides, the students who had failed have not purchased the text books required for the higher class they were not promoted to.

At another level, many people who had taken up the occupation of “tuition teacher” are now facing an uncertainty. All over Goa, weak students were attending these tuition classes so that they would be promoted.

However, now that promotions have become a matter of right, these “teachers” fear that they will not get students and hence lose their source of employment.

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