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Catholic Church Torturing Continues: No access to electricity, water for Sister Lucy

By Sonakshi Datta

On Tuesday evening, Sister Lucy returned to her convent only to be startled at the fact that she had no access to electricity or water. Violation of her human rights continues at the hands of members of the Catholic Church.

Talking to GoaChronicle on Wednesday, Sister Lucy revealed that the violation of her human rights in the convent has been continuing for the last 2.5 years. All her rights were snatched away the day she had started protesting against Bishop Franco Mulakkal. Recalling the events which took place on Tuesday evening, Sister let us know that when she came back to the convent from Ernakulam at around 7.05 PM, it was rainy and dark. She knocked on the door of the convent but nobody paid heed and took around 10 minutes to let Lucy in. 

After which Sister Lucy went into the laundry area and saw that all the switches and lights were not working. Next, she went into her bathroom which was out of her room and saw the lights not working again and the wash basin was damaged. Following which, on Wednesday morning, she found out that the lights had not fused but the switch boards themselves had been vandalized. This made her ask some of her convent inmates as to what had happened but she received no satisfactory replies. Sister Lucy told us as to how she had been making incessant complaints to the nearby police station regarding her persecution at the convent but every time, all that the police personnel said was they could not do anything because Sister Superior was the highest authority who was in charge of the convent. Lucy was told each time that Sister Superior would do all she wanted to.

This time too, Lucy informed the police personnel who had then visited the convent on Wednesday but no action was taken and they told her that they could not do anything as they did not have the permission to get inside the convent. The police personnel categorically told her that they ‘could not do anything’. And Sister Superior had managed to tell the policemen that nothing had happened at all and that Lucy was lying. As per Lucy, the cops believed the inmates and Sister Superior because they were many. 

“I am surviving and emerging stronger amidst these circumstances with much more energy”, added Sister Lucy.

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